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Q-Bank's Investment Criteria
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Investment Criteria

Q-Bank Group makes control investments in companies across a broad range of industries. Our focus is on leveraging our technology assets and capabilities to “tech-enable” the companies in which we invest. This involves helping our portfolio companies to introduce new technology-enabled products and services as well as helping to deploy technology internally to improve business operations and capabilities. We also make opportunistic minority investments in select growth stage companies. 

Buyout Investment Criteria
    • Platform Companies with Enterprise Value of $15 to $100 million
    • Gross Margin of 20% or greater
    • Minimum EBITDA of $3 million, with EBITDA Margin of 12% or greater
    • Positive cash flow on a year-to-year basis
    • In business for three years or longer with a stable or growing earnings pattern
    • Strong teams with strategic vision, superior technical expertise and business management skills
    • Competitive advantage presenting barriers to entry due to a leading technology or market position
    • Clearly defined marketing strategy with adequate intellectual property protection, lead-time, or other advantages over the competition
    • Potential to benefit from Q-Bank’s extensive network of technology assets, capabilities and relationships